Writing A Blog

I am spending today trying not to catch a cold, watching the World Cup and eating as many blueberries as a grizzly bear before hibernation. Oh, and I am starting a blog.

I am not exactly sure what journey I am embarking on, but I am hoping I will be able to share a little bit of my life and hopefully laughter at my attempts to abide in Gods love as well as the lessons learned from my inevitable shortcomings. Hilarity may ensue. Or boredom. This is my invitation to you to read/laugh/learn along with me and find out.

For those that have known me well–anyone I have sent this link to–I am probably still just as you remember. I still don’t feel much different from when I was 12. Except for a few changes in vocational aspirations. My life consists of me coming up with a million grandiose ideas and seeing many of them fail while a few succeed and I fluctuate between the ecstasy of the new ideas and the frequent stress outs caused by my overcommitment. These are seasoned by Gods quiet reminder in my worst moments of His provision and desire for me to relax on the reigns. I can only hope I am beginning to learn, though if recent history is any indication, it is going to take a lot more episodes and patience to teach me how to truly release control.

And for those of you who I have let communications lag with (which sadly, are many), I have some quick updates to bring you up to speed with any potential future post topics. My current dream job is in occupational therapy. I am volunteering at a horse barn that does therapy for special needs kids this summer–as a four star pooper scooper. I am also observing at a hand therapy clinic. My current vocation is as a part time summer nanny. While neither of my little charges will be named on this blog they probably will provide plenty of fodder for a post. As far as interests, I am currently very bothered/preoccupied with the topic of global income and justice and understanding what my economically privileged position in society means as a part of God’s plan. I don’t really want to get into my political positions other than to say it would be really nice to see our politicians be able to work together within the constitution to find solutions to many of the pressing national and global issues we face. This concludes my word-vomit.

And who knows, maybe this blog is just another of my grandiose ideas that will go down in the smoke of an overcommitment stress session. But maybe it will be something more. I guess there is only one way to find out.



2 thoughts on “Writing A Blog

    • Thanks for the encouragement Aunt Carrie! Hope you’re feeling better, and I can’t wait to see you next weekend to celebrate Wil’s life!

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